The Silver Lining Philosophy after a Diagnosis of Cancer

For long-time readers, I hope that you will indulge me as I write about the Silver Lining philosophy after my diagnosis of cancer, specifically f-bomb breast cancer. You see, this summer has brought a whole new audience to The Silver Pen, which is a Silver Lining in and of itself!  So, I thought that I’d… Continue reading The Silver Lining Philosophy after a Diagnosis of Cancer

Role Reversal

Learning how to rely on people when I had FBC (f-bomb breast cancer for new readers) was a brutal learning curve. As a nurse and social worker, I had always been the caregiver. And I liked it that way. Until my diagnosis, I had always been a do-it-yourselfer (except when it comes to craft projects).… Continue reading Role Reversal

Tumor Markers

The tumor marker test sends an icy chill down my spine. Why? Well, just look at the name. It is as advertised. My girlfriend who is going through FC (f’ing cancer) treatments right now just had a tumor marker test and after, she called asking what it is. Why aren’t these tests explained more clearly?… Continue reading Tumor Markers

The Load

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After the Breast Cancer Diagnosis: Now What?

Diagnosis: DONE. Next steps: Information gathering and making a PLAN. The Husband and I are planners. Good planners. After a weekend of diagnosis digestion, we set up a series of meetings with doctors in Santa Barbara: oncology, plastic surgery, radiation oncology and “my” surgeon. Pages and pages of notes, full of various opinions and strategies.… Continue reading After the Breast Cancer Diagnosis: Now What?

The Silver Pen Beginnings

The inspiration for the The Silver Pen (formerly known as is to document my physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and oftentimes hilarious journey through, with, over and around breast cancer. To clarify:  breast cancer isn’t funny.  Not at all.  However, my journey?  Frequently guffaw inducing. Another clarification: I prefer to call breast cancer FBC. The… Continue reading The Silver Pen Beginnings