Being Your Own Patient Advocate

Being Your Own Patient Advocate Today I had the great pleasure of giving a speech at Norton Healthcare in Louisville, Kentucky. It was a quick 36-hour trip from Santa Barbara to Louisville and home again. The Silver Lining is that I was only away from home for one night. It was quite a schlep to… Continue reading Being Your Own Patient Advocate

F.R.E.E. is a Four-Letter Word

You all know how helpful dropping f-bombs has been during my experience with FBC, right?  Well, recently I came across another (much more fabulous!) “F” word to associate with FBC:  F.R.E.E. Last week I received an email out of the blue from Bethany Kandel. In addition to her kind words about The Silver Pen, she… Continue reading F.R.E.E. is a Four-Letter Word

Bookworm: My Last Supper

This Christmas, one of my dear friends gave me an absolutely wonderful and delightful book, My Last Supper. In the book, (the photographer and creator) Melanie Dunea asks famous chefs what their last meals would be. No, it’s not macabre (for the record, I love using that word!). Rather, it’s quite inspiring and amazingly beautiful.… Continue reading Bookworm: My Last Supper

October is National (F-bomb) Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Are you wondering why gobs of buildings are illuminated pink…and why there is a proliferation of pink ribbons every (f-bomb) where?  Well, it is because October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Prior to my personal experience with FBC (f-bomb breast cancer for new readers), I knew about National Breast Cancer Awareness Month only from the illuminated… Continue reading October is National (F-bomb) Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Time for Pajama Day!

From Friday afternoon until Saturday morning, I am having my very own Pajama Day!  I’ve been writing about Pajama Days for some time now. When I first wrote about it, I promised that I would have one a month. Well, Friday is my day…and I am f-bomb excited about it! My motivation for doing/having/celebrating pajama day is… Continue reading Time for Pajama Day!

Sunday Sweetness #5: Flowers

My grandfather had the most exquisite flower gardens. One of my most vivid (and Silver Lined) childhood memories is of him coming in from working in his garden carrying the most beautiful bundles of not only beautiful but also fragrant flowers. On her blog, Kiss the Groom, my dear friend Elizabeth Messina takes photos of flowers that… Continue reading Sunday Sweetness #5: Flowers

Saturday Sweeps: House Crush

The HOTY (a/k/a Husband Of The Year) and I are getting ready to do a little renovation to our living room.  After three years, we are realizing that our original plan for the room isn’t working out as we initially intended.  All good, though. A little change is good for the soul (heaven knows I… Continue reading Saturday Sweeps: House Crush